BESIDE Habitat is a living environment where nature and culture meet.

The outcome of months of reflection and the combined work of architects, urban planners, designers, and biologists to create an innovative environment for humans to reconnect with nature. BESIDE Habitat aims to develop architectural spaces that protect a centuries-old forest, while fostering knowledge sharing and creating new traditions.

It was always more than just a cabin

The scope of our project has always gone beyond architectural chalets. It is based on the constant evolution of an ideology, values, natural spaces, and landscaped places. It arose out of an intention to create a natural legacy for future generations. While the words cabin and chalet do represent the architectural places that you can stay at, we wanted our name to represent both our concept and the overall experience.

BESIDE Cabins is therefore becoming BESIDE Habitat.

The project:
BESIDE Habitat Lanaudière

At the junction of nature and culture, BESIDE Habitat is a collective of thoughtfully designed dwellings, surrounded by 900 acres of natural, private parkland and lakes that invites guests to reconnect with the great outdoors.

In the midst of Lanaudière—just one hour northeast of Montréal—this first BESIDE Habitat is designed for those seeking to get back to nature, use their hands while learning new skills, experience tranquility, and belong to a like-minded, values-driven community.

A safe haven away from the noise, crowds, traffic, and digital distractions of the urban world. A place to engage with your instincts and your curiosity, to experience simplicity and beauty, to gather with friends and family for meaningful connections, mindful discussions, and shared memories.

Where ideas are shared around a campfire and a nice bottle of whisky.

The land

1,254 acres of untouched forest with pristine lakes and rock walls, the land is as vast as 1.5 Central Parks or 964 football fields and features 40 km of trails that give access to numerous peaks and valleys, offering unique views and perspectives on the perfect outdoor playground for you to experience tranquility and explore freely. 900 acres of the 1,254-acre domain will be dedicated to a private, natural park. The lakes, peaks, and century-old forest will be available to the community and preserved from future development, creating an untouched playground to hike, forage, mountain bike, fish, or simply relax at scenic lookout points and secret libraries.

The cabins

Inspired by the pioneer cabins and fishermen’s boathouses of frontier villages, the cabins are the perfect blend of intelligent, minimalist design and outdoor culture, embracing our nordicity and heritage.

Designed hand-in-hand by architects and urbanists, the cabins reflect the beauty of simplicity, created in harmony with the land, conscious of their impact on their surroundings.

When architecture and nature work together, they can change our perspective, the way we live, and how we behave.

It comes down to the simple things: enabling people to explore, feel, and learn through unique experiences.

BESIDE Habitat are experience-driven hubs where like-minded folk share a sense of community. These are places where you can retreat into the wilderness alone, while still feeling connected to others through common values and interests. If you wish, as an owner or renter, you can choose how much you wish to get involved with the workshops or maintaining the nearby trails and preserving the surrounding forest.

Founding Members

Availability is very limited, and we won’t be expanding the project beyond its current vision. Contact us now to secure your place on the waitlist and to get the latest news.

Next destinations

BESIDE Habitat will protect 500 million square feet of natural territory over the next 10 years, while ensuring people can connect with nature through culture. To achieve these two main objectives, we imagined an ecosystem becoming an economic engine; a living environment offering quality private and rental accommodations, galvanized by cultural programming in a natural setting. In the same breath, we have created a product with tourist appeal and that will positively impact local communities.

Develop 20% of a territory to protect 80%.

Would you like to be a part of the project?

If you have 600 to 1000 acres of land, less than 2 hours from an urban centre, with a varied topography and a rich biodiversity, contact our team.

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